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We are positioned and committed to improving the business performance of your organization by empowering your teams.


We now live in a more networked and complex world that is increasingly becoming brittle, ambiguous, nonlinear and incomprehensible. These networks and evolutionary features have fundamentally altered operations, decisioning and performance and where any type and size of organization that wishes to survive and succeed in this new business environment must have resilient, agile, and high performing pool of trained and experienced people that are resourced with the right tools that speak the language of networks and emergence.

Improving the Business Performance of your Organization

Apan Muelt Consults® (Trading as PMconsultings©) is positioned and committed to improving the business performance of your organization by empowering your teams in making resilient decisions and taking adaptive actions in the presence of today and tomorrow’s knowns, unknowns and unknowables. The services we provide are listed below with a focus on shaping behavior, outcomes, managed tail-risk and value-add.

Evolutionary and Complexity Science

We use the Power of Evolutionary and Complexity Science to help professionals manage projects, manage enterprises and sectors, manage finances, manage investment portfolios, manage cybersecurity, manage teams, manage health, manage processes, manage markets, manage economies etc.


Dedicated to building Knowledge-professionals

PMconsultings Global Faculty Support™ is dedicated to building Knowledge-professionals that can build organizations, projects, investment portfolios, economies and teams that can achieve goals under or in the face of unknown probabilities. Your organization’s success in the marketplace in return build PMconsultings© and the loop continues!

Our Team Lead

Apanisile Samuel Temitope

Apanisile Samuel Temitope is the Founder of Apan Muelt Consults® Trading as PMconsultings© since 2005. He is supported by top globally rated trainers and training platforms all over the world at PMconsultings Global Support™

Samuel is a collaborative and self-driven professional with a result-oriented attitude aimed at improving the business economics of any organization. Samuel Temitope Apanisile daily supports professionals in making evidence-based objective, resilient and adaptive decisions that can survive across unknowns and unknowables.

He is experienced in evaluating the level of complex uncertainty and where fat tail-risk is building in an organization, investment portfolio, projects, cybersecurity systems, health systems, financial markets, economy, and so on. Hence, Samuel, trains and develop decision makers at all levels in an organization to account for known and unknown probabilities in their roles and responsibilities vis a vis their decision making process. This helps them to individually and collaboratively shape behaviour, take wiser actions that achieve better business outcomes in a seeming unpredictable world.

Samuel is a regular speaker at the Global Risk Beyond Conference organized by the Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA): https://riskbeyond.com/speakers/  and https://www2.erm-academy.org/erma/regional-partners/

He’s a regular trainer for the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) on project management under complex uncertainty. https://certifiedprojectmanager.org/experts.html

Samuel Temitope is also a regular trainer for the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) on Behavioral wealth management, behavioral economics, and behavioral portfolio management. https://www.gafm.org/speakers.html

Samuel Temitope Apanisile is the African business professional for https://thinkoutcomes.net/

In the past, Samuel had successfully been engaged by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria (CIBN) to train on the Strategy to Measure and Manage Operational Risk for Banks.

Samuel is a scholar who holds a B.Sc. Degree in Accounting, MBA Business Administration (MBA). He holds global professional certifications such as the Master Project Manager (MPM), Accredited Management Accountant (AMA), Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional (ERMCP), and an Associate Commodity Broker of the Commodities Brokers Association of Nigeria (CBAN). Samuel holds a Master of Science in Finance and a PhD in Business Administration (Complexity Science and Resilience Management) degree. ng.LinkedIn.com/in/apanisile1

Oluwatosin Sorunke

Introducing Oluwatosin Sorunke, our distinguished Senior Associate at PMconsultings, an astute Quality Assurance Management Professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience navigating the intricacies of business systems across diverse industry verticals, notably excelling in the food and beverage sector.

Oluwatosin brings a wealth of expertise in analyzing, informing decisions, and ensuring success amidst uncertainty. Her proficiency lies in identifying operational risks related to food safety, advising on process and product development, and establishing and maintaining food safety standards. With a deep understanding of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and compliance with GFSI food safety requirements, including SQF and BRC, Oluwatosin is instrumental in conducting risk assessments and developing comprehensive food safety plans.

Noteworthy is her commitment to instituting a robust risk management system for performance improvement and a dedication to staff training, fostering increased awareness of cGMP and food safety standards within dynamic, fast-paced environments.

Oluwatosin’s exceptional financial acumen and proven track record in managing multi-site, multi-cultural projects underscore her ability to collaborate seamlessly with global, cross-functional teams. She has consistently delivered superior results, aligning operations with key stakeholders to pinpoint areas for improvement and implementing strategic plans that yield profitable outcomes.

Her communication prowess, coupled with excellent presentation and problem-solving skills, positions Oluwatosin as a reliable collaborator with internal and external stakeholders, including FDA, USDA, customers, and suppliers. Known for her integrity and commitment, she stands as a key asset within the organization, ensuring the successful execution of projects at all levels. Oluwatosin Sorunke is a driving force behind our commitment to excellence and innovation at PMconsultings.

Oluwatosin Sorunke had Co-authored articles with Samuel Temitope Apanisile such as:

i. Oluwatosin Sorunke, & Apanisile Samuel Temitope. (2023). The Impact of Theory U on Corporate Governance as an Essential Risk Management and Performance Improvement Tool. The International Journal of Business & Management, 11(6). https://doi.org/10.24940/theijbm/2023/v11/i6/BM2306-022 (Original work published July 31, 2023)

ii. Sorunke, O., & Apanisile, S. (2019). The Triple Bottom Loop. International Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews, 7(1), 39-45. ISSN 2348-697X (Online). Research Publish Journals. Retrieved from www.researchpublish.com

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